M.Ed Admission

By Centralised Admission process of University of Calicut | Directorate of Admission

1) Conditions for Admissions

Candidates seeking admission to the M.Ed programme shall be required to have passed the following programmes with at least 50% marks or an equivalent grade.

  • a) B.Ed degree of 1 or 2 years duration recognized by the Calicut University, or
  • b) 4 year integrated teacher education degree programme (B.El.Ed/ B.Sc.Ed/ B.A.Ed) recognized by the Calicut University or
  • c)D.El.Ed/ D.Ed with a bachelors degree (B.A/B.Sc/B.Com, etc.) recognized by the Calicut University. (50% marks or an equivalent grade for each criterion) ** (In case of integrated degree programmes- B.Sc.Ed/ B.A.Ed, aggregate marks/grade in Education papers alone will be considered)
    Relaxation in the marks will be allowed in the case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes/ Socially and Educationally Backward Classes/PWD and other applicable categories as per the rules of state government.Criteria for selection and method of admission to merit seats for M.Ed degree courses shall be governed by the rules/regulations framed by the University of Calicut.

1) Conditions for Admissions

The selection of candidates will be based on the rank list prepared on the basis of the following criteria. a) The total marks obtained for the qualifying examination. b) An additional weightage shall be given to the candidates with Post Graduate Degree (MA/M.Sc/M.Com) in the respective area of specialization at B.Ed while preparing rank list. The weightage shall be of 15 marks for those having first class with distinction/ 10 marks for those having first class/ 5 marks for those having second class and 3 marks for those having a pass in the respective Post Graduate Examination. Weightage of 5marks for every year of approved Teaching experience in Govt. / aided / recognized institutions such as Elementary Teacher Training Institute or in an elementary/secondary /senior secondary school subject to a maximum of 25 marks. 1 year continuous service in corresponding scale alone will be considered. The weightage shall be given on the basis of an Experience Certificate in form IV produced which is countersigned by an authorized Official Signatory such as the AEO/DEO/DDCE/DHSE/DVHSE etc.

M.Ed Programme      Total seats 50 +5  for EWS  Quota

The institution offers M Ed in 10 subjects Activities

  • Arabic Language Education
  • Malayalam Language Education
  • English Language Education
  • Sanskrit Language Education
  • Hindi Language Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Natural Science Education
  • Physical Science Education
  • Social Science Education
  • Commerce Education

Admitted Students Details for M.Ed program   up to  12/11/2020 Academic Year   2020-22

SL.No Cap Id Name of Student Adm.Date Adm Number
2 CAP20MD000600 ANJALY K M 27-10-2020 2959
3 CAP20MD000679 ANAS RAHIMAN 27-10-2020 2960
4 CAP20MD000187 JISNA MATHEW 27-10-2020 2961
5 CAP20MD000575 NILEENA D S 27-10-2020 2962
6 CAP20MD000174 KEERTHI DINESH 27-10-2020 2963
7 CAP20MD000413 ANAGHA K T 27-10-2020 2964
8 CAP20MD000461 ATHIRA P 27-10-2020 2965
9 CAP20MD000232 ATHIRA P V 27-10-2020 2966
10 CAP20MD000657 ANJU K RAJ 27-10-2020 2967
11 CAP20MD000554 NAJIM TA 27-10-2020 2968
12 CAP20MD000337 NANDANA K 28-10-2020 2969
13 CAP20MD000663 HRIDYA C 28-10-2020 2971
14 CAP20MD000682 CHAITHRA S 28-10-2020 2972
15 CAP20MD000222 ALKA T 28-10-2020 2973
16 CAP20MD000445 Gayathri Devi A K 28-10-2020 2974
17 CAP20MD000251 ANAGHA V K 28-10-2020 2975
18 CAP20MD000467 ASWANI M P 28-10-2020 2976
19 CAP20MD000620 NIMMY C P 28-10-2020 2977
20 CAP20MD000130 ANUPAMA NELSON 28-10-2020 2978
21 CAP20MD000640 ANAGHA E.K.S 28-10-2020 2979
22 CAP20MD000436 AKHILA B S 28-10-2020 2981
23 CAP20MD000105 MUHAMMED SALIM . AP 28-10-2020 2982
24 CAP20MD000698 SAJAD NASEEM M 28-10-2020 2984
25 CAP20MD000156 AYUB MOOSA K P 28-10-2020 2985
26 CAP20MD000135 ASWATHI M 28-10-2020 2986
27 CAP20MD000312 VARSHA N 28-10-2020 2970
28 CAP20MD000254 HANNATH BEEVI P 30-10-2020 2989
29 CAP20MD000101 MANJUSHA PANAYAMKANDI 30-10-2020 2992
30 CAP20MD000393 SURYA K K 30-10-2020 2994
31 CAP20MD000380 AMRITHA P 30-10-2020 2996
32 CAP20MD000261 SUJIN MANUEL 30-10-2020 2999
33 CAP20MD000391 AISWARYA P 30-10-2020 3000
34 CAP20MD000379 KAVYA PRAKASH 30-10-2020 3002
35 CAP20MD000656 NIMISHA LEELADHARAN 30-10-2020 3004
36 CAP20MD000533 ABDUL VARIS C 28-10-2020 2983
37 CAP20MD000495 NUHMAN SHIBILI P 28-10-2020 2980
38 CAP20MD000276 KASHMEERA K S 30-10-2020 2987
39 CAP20MD000400 AKHILA K S 30-10-2020 2995
40 CAP20MD000499 SABINLAL AK 02-11-2020 3013
41 CAP20MD000442 POOJA DINESH 03-11-2020 3021
42 CAP20MD000109 KALMASAFAH.P 03-11-2020 3022
43 CAP20MD000358 NEETHU C 03-11-2020 3026
44 CAP20MD000115 DILSHA DAYANAND 03-11-2020 3029
45 CAP20MD000340 KAVYA KRISHNA 10-11-2020 3036



The activities of the college began since 1950 under name “college associations”. In the beginning the students were represented in the College activities through election to various posts.

As a professional college the institution attaches great importance to extension activities and outreach programmes and other community oriented programmes like community living camps, field work and survey, visits to charitable institutions, student support activities like guidance and placement services etc.

Student Support Service

Guidance and counseling Cell: Personal and professional growth of the student teachers is supported through continuous guidance and if necessary through counseling either individually or in small groups.

Placement cell: The institution arranges campus selection of teachers for several reputed unaided CBSE/State schools

Grievance Cell: The grievance cell of the institution attends to the grievances of the stakeholders of the institution. The College has adopted a three –tier grievance redressal mechanism.