The activities of the college began since 1950 under the name “college associations”. In the beginning the students were represented in the college activities through election to portfolios like Association President, Vice President and Secretary. The activities are mainly seminars and symposiums. But later on cultural programmes were included on special occasions. There was a drastic change in the type of activities since the introduction of college union election by the University.

As a professional college the institution attaches great importance to extension activities and outreach programmes, other community oriented programmes like community living camps, field work and survey, visits to charitable institutions, student support activities like guidance and placement services etc.

Student Support Service

Guidance and counselling Cell: Personal and professional growth of the student teachers is supported through continuous guidance and if necessary through counseling either individually or in small groups.

Placement cell: The institution arranges campus selection of teachers for several reputed unaided CBSE/State schools

Grievance Cell: The grievance cell of the institution attends to the grievances of the stakeholders of the institution. The College has adopted a three –tier grievance redressal mechanism.